Monday, February 20, 2006

Truth as a Relative Quantity

On Saturday, I explained that, like little children, narcissists view truth as a relative quantity, not an absolute.

People whose thinking is thus screwed up go around talking about "your truth" and "my truth," "your reality" and "my reality." They have conveniently slipped from acknowledging that people have different points of view (and therefore different perspectives) into the logical error that they actually view different objects or events.

I mentioned that such people think to determine THE truth by making their version bigger than yours. This is why people whose thinking is thus screwed up go around talking as though truth is determined by popular opinion. For example, here's the typical anti-American's favorite club:

The whole world hates you Americans, so you're hateful.

(Sorry, Charlie, the people full of hate are the hateful ones.) Anti-Americanism is collective narcissism, and we see the same behavior pattern in individuals suffering from NPD. They want to be better than you, so they go and tell everybody some big lie about you. Then they say ...

You are a bad person because everybody says so.

They thus make "their truth" bigger than yours by ganging up on it. The "truth" is thus determined by popular vote. To a narcissist, truth is nothing more than a perception, a thing that may be falsified.

If your brain is programmed with that logical error, it acts as a virus in a computer does, screwing up your reasoning ability. This is why willful irrationality (if habitual) damages mental health and can end in insanity.

So, it ain't smart to trash your mind by deluding yourself and "rationalizing" things. That's what narcissists do to themselves by being Peter Pans who refuse to grow up = refuse to put away Magical Thinking at the Age of Reason like children normally do.

You can understand why they like it in Never-Never Land and refuse to come out. But it's such a tragedy. For themselves and for everyone they attack ever after.
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At 12:02 AM, Anonymous ilish said...

My Narc was an expert at this *reality/truth* thing. I think it has been the most damaging of all tactics. It is crazy making par excellence!

YOU are NEVER validated....this is how you learn to doubt and not trust yourself.

Its disgusting



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