Saturday, May 27, 2006

Inescapable Logic

A tiger is a wild animal. A predator. It views the tiger-tamer as prey. It can't help that: it's just a tiger being a tiger. For years, underneath the Big Top, during every show, it salivates over that tiger-tamer.

The tiger-tamer knows the tiger is a tiger, a wild animal. So, it takes tremendous nerve for him to walk into that cage with the tiger. He has ways of keeping Tiger at bay. But he knows that, at any time, even after ten years of knowing Tiger, Tiger may just -- OUT OF THE BLUE -- let himself go and attack the tamer.

And when Tiger does this, he does it right in front of God and everybody.

Why doesn't he sneak around and try to kill the tiger-tamer on the sly so nobody knows what he did?

Stupid question, eh? Tiger sees no need to hide what he's doing, because he doesn't view it as wrong. Tiger is truly innocent of all wrongdoing.

Some insane people are like that.

But what about narcissists? Do they ever attack openly, where everyone can see what they're doing?

What does that mean?

Indeed, they act like angels in the light of day. The demon inside, Mr. Hyde, only comes out in the dark.

What does that mean?

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At 5:56 PM, Blogger M.G. said...

Hi Kathy,

I experienced this alot with my exNbf. Most of the time he would do or say things out of view from everyone. There were a few times he would let his hair down in front of people but it was usually my friends or my family, not his!

I think most scumbags do their crimes hoping not to get caught. Heck you don't think a bank robber would rob the bank right accross from the police station, well most of them wouldn't! If my exNbf would have done or said half of the stuff to me in front of someone, that person would have surely ripped me out of that house in a second. It would have been hard for him to convince people that I was crazy, lying, trouble-making drama queen if they had seen him spit in my face, call me everything under the sun, attempt to run me over, shove me into glass sliding doors!

Most criminals like to do their voodoo without witnesses. I also believe that N are cowards and bullies. I think they fear someone speaking up about their abuse or behavior if they behaved like they do at home.

I have just begun to tell family and friends about some of the stuff he did to me and I can see it written all over their faces. Until you live through something like this, you just can't imagine!

At 11:48 PM, Blogger MS said...

That was as clear and concise with the necessary accompanying examples of a definition as I have come across. I have dealt with someone who you would think had all the her dreams come true and yet she was extremely jealous and would assassinate my character any chance she could get. She had a difficult early childhood and she lied about many things obsessively. She is responsible for the poisoning of my 6 1/2 year old son who was found drowned in the family pond and the autopsy showed that he had drugs and alcohol in his body. Furthermore, my son knew how to swim and never liked to go alone in the pond especially at 9 30 on a slightly chilly morning.The weekend before his death, he told me that Yellow- the narcissist and alleged murderer told him that his dad wanted to run him over with the tractor and drown him in the lake. I was dumbfounded because a child of 6 just doesn't make things up like that. What does that tell us about her personality? Would a Narcissist be capable so as to make herself feel better, to drown a child in your opinion? I need an expert to testify for the upcoming trial. Please let me know ASAP at


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