Friday, February 24, 2006

Enough Already!

Just received these words in an email message, and I couldn't say it better:

When I first learned of NPD and believed I was married to someone with the disorder, I wondered why there were not public service announcements about it. Why wasn't it front-page news? Is it news only if someone is murdered as a result of domestic violence? If there is no "body", does it mean no one has been hurt? Much light needs to be shone on this disorder and on those who suffer from it. Because although they may be compelled by their feelings to abuse others, they are nonetheless accountable. I believe there are more people suffering from NPD than the reported 1%, since most knowledge of these people is supplied by their victims.

I wholeheartedly agree. In more ways than one, this abuse ruins whole lives. It is absolutely dehumanizing. Internet support groups are fine but do nothing to stop the spread of all this pain. People find out about NPD too late, after they're already in too deep to readily escape the relationship. Children are damaged for life, many becoming narcissists themselves.

If you know people who can help, in the media or government, push the issue.

There should be public service announcements. People should know the warning signs so they take them seriously when somebody they're dating exhibits them. And people should know that some of the slanderers they listen to are malignant narcissists lieing their heads off.

I too am sure that NPD is much more common than the estimates -- because narcissists never admit there's anything less-than-perfect about themselves and because they are cunning wolves in sheep's clothing and because they usually never kill anybody. But they condemn people, especially their children, to a life sentence in hell, by killing the soul.

It's always the same old story: the malignant one comes out smelling like a rose, and the innocent victim gets the bad reputation.

Enough already. What every victim needs more than anything is justice. And so long as this living, breathing, walking disease stalks victims among us, justice will never come.
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At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should come with "NARCISSIST" on their forehead. I was so mad, at first, but today, now that I know that he doesn't know that he is "sick" and that is relative, i wish him no revenge.

Despite he having cost me my job!

I've done much research, and found 10 or more really useful sites, however, most see it as hopeless.

3 do not!

this one is fairly conventional, yet pro.

This one will show you for money how to get all the help you need.
also works for bipolar.

This one approved by the right associations offers a cure! How? Well, I'm a little, okay a lot, skeptical.

We all know from our research that narcissism is a defense mechanism. Well, what causes a need for a defense mechanism? Now we are getting somewhere! Hopefully. Well, either real danger such as parental abuse early on, or imagined dangers such as the danger of getting too close to someone.

Well, as we know unreal fears are called phobias and in thus lies the cure. Get rid of the phobias and you have a newly born person free of these fears. You might get intimacy from your N. Now wouldn't that be a shocker.

Seen on TV! Approved by the big guys!

But how do you get your N to do it, the cure that is?

My N only uses the internet for chat, imagine with over 200 women! and email, send him a link to anything that might expand his world and you are in trouble!

So has anyone tried this, a cure that works in just 24 hours, if you can get the turd to do it? It works for all phobias.

Go to very bot of page by hitting your end button on your right on your keybord, and click on list of phobias and go down to you know what.

works on over 1300 phobias .

and money back. or attend their treatment in person.

but why further doubt?

well a study recently showed that pathological liars which all N's are, have 25% more white matter in their brains compared to normal people, than grey matter, or the opposite of autistics, who can't lie to save their lies! Has any university done the studies to show that getting rid of phobias leads to a reversal in the grey/white balance, and does it matter, as in will they stop using the white to their advantage.

Every science site in the universe ran this story

Another positive site is about rich narcissists.
I guess we'd all like to be a little more N, if it is the key to becoming super rich like these guys

At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one I know, had ever heard of NP disorder.This disorder needs to become public knowledge.Here in the UK, I'm not even sure if it is known about by many doctors.The seem to treat the disorder as a form of depression..which is an incomplete diagnosis.

At 7:51 PM, Blogger Barbara said...

So true - should be FRONT PAGE NEWS. but noooooooo... I went through life with an Nmother, 4 Nboyfriends (one I married & am divorcing) and 1 psychopath. I grew up TOLERATING and thinking this was NORMAL!!


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