Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Narcissists projecting their very narcissism

My last post leads to something else worth noting. Sam Vaknin's writings take a 180-degree turn from truth when he writes about OTHERS. Specifically, in his anti-American rants he is being a narcissistic European projecting his sin off onto the victim of European envy, Americans. So, when he is writing about narcissism itself, he can be honest. But when he is writing about others, he will do what a narcissist always does to others -- denigrate and project.

It's even inaccurate to characterize Americans as being non-malignantly narcissistic. I think it's fair to say that we can be inconsiderate, but we just don't fit the bill in any other way. In fact, the accusations are ironic, and we are most attacked for our self confidence and self reliance -- virtues, not vices. You don't make these virtues into vices by name-calling them "arrogance" and selfishness." By doing that, you just make yourself a liar.

Why hasn't our dominant position in the world made us fat-headed? I think that's simply because nationalism is rooted in breed -- the belief that your KIND is inherently superior to other kinds. We are no breed, and never were. So we can't get ridiculous ideas like that. We are a bunch of mongrels. We are a creature of our Constitution, not our ethnic origins.

And you don't make our patriotism into "nationalism" by just calling it that. If you don't know the difference between patriotism and nationalism, read this fine essay by George Orwell.

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