Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Carnival of Folly

Just finished today's update of the Main Site. There are many changes. The Bully has had a major rewrite with illustrations to better explain how a narcissist can go through a small private company or non-profit like a Kansas tornado through a mobile home park.

For those who find it hard to believe, this article will show how easy it is pull off.

During a lifetime career in such a workplace the risk is significant that one of these guys (or gals) will come through, leaving a heap of human destruction in their wake.

The kicker is that the employer often does himself in just as eagerly as the employees do. For, he deliberately hired the narcissist - and as a hatchet man - for his bad qualities, which the employer thinks are good ones that make him a "tough manager." Yeah, right: the narcissist leaves the dead wood and axes the green, leaving the company holding the bag with huge legal liability and an empty cookie jar to boot.

It's a carnival of folly. But it wouldn't happen if people weren't so unsuspecting. People need to know that there are narcissists/psychopaths out there doing this. People need to know and heed the warning signs.

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At 10:21 AM, Anonymous GH said...

Kathy -- that link is excellent! Anyone struggling with the effects of "crazymaking" really must read the page at bullyonline that distinguishes between paranoia and hypervigilance, mental illness and psychiatric injury. A MUST read. You made my day.


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