Monday, August 27, 2007

The Malignant Narcissist and Serial Infidelity

Like psychopaths, narcissists are serial offenders, and this is because of the reason why they offend. It's an acting out of something they do for a high.

So, for example, if they molest children, they will be serial offenders. Serial infidelity is another red flag of malignant narcissism.

Why? Because serial infidelity isn't normal. It's just cattin' around. It is the narcissist's way of acting out that his or her marriage means nothing to them. They prove this in deed by risking that marriage for a lark, every chance they get. They're downright promiscuous.

That's why serial infidelity is pathological, and normal infidelity is human.

Normally, a person tempted to have sex with someone other than their spouse will first think of the risk to their marriage. If their marriage is valuable to them, they won't do it unless very greatly tempted (by genuine affection for the other) and while taking great care not to have anyone find out.

That at least tells your wife or husband that you mean something to them. The serial tomcat is proving that his wife and their marriage mean nothing to him. He couln't VALUE her or anything she does for him, you see. He must DEVALUE it.

And what better way to do so?

Again and again and agian. It's a risk-taking high. If she knows, he gets to rub it in, just daring her to leave him. Grand him. And he is sure she can't live without grand him.

She needs him, something he's got (his magic wand?) but he doesn't need her.

A degrading value judgment. Which is why these kind like kinky sex, with the other party on their knees to his grandiosity. Not love. Just grandiosity to look down on others.

So, don't let any simpletons confuse you about the difference between normal (and forgivable) infidelity and the serial infidelity of the malignant narcissist. It ain't the same thing at all, and no one with any self respect can put up with it. Not even the holier-than-thous who try to tell you that you should.

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At 10:14 PM, Anonymous The Exposer said...

Here's a holier than thou you can read about: HERE and his rage at being exposed HERE

Read all his b.s. here and here.

This guy sounds like one of your poster boys, Kathy.

At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once, in a bar we couldn't help but overhear a group of guys. One of them was boasting that he had just popped into a brothel(not illegal here) for a quickie while waiting for his girlfriend to return after picking up her friends. As if that wasn't bizarre enough, he would chuckle over it every 10 minutes or so, only it wasn't a chuckle, or a giggle...I don't know how to describe the sound but it was almost as shocking and disjointed as his action.

I never knew what to make of it, but after reading this essay, now I do.


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