Sunday, June 11, 2006

Putting Away the Things of a Child

Here's a note the 50-something brother or sister of a narcissist sent her. Worth sharing:

It's like, if you don't hear it, I didn't say it and your world is under control, right?

It's pretty hard at my age to remember thinking like that -- over 50 years ago -- but if I contemplate, I can remember what it was like in a child's mind before the Age of Reason.

Getting lost in a game of pretend like an actor who loses herself in a character. Having imaginary friends. Thinking that putting on Mommy's clothes makes you grown up. Insisting that 2 + 2 = 5 if that suits you.

No clear distinction between fantasy and reality. And a preference for the former.

It makes one God, doesn't it? The Controller of the Universe and Everything in It.


But it sure props up a fragile ego that feels so small in a world of giants. Till normal children come out of Never Never Land, grow up, and get a personality. Why not get around to it already and see what you're missing?
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At 9:43 AM, Blogger Not Available said...

Hello Kathi!
I would like to offer my congratulations on the super, super job your have done updating the main website. I often think to myself, "Isn't continuing to read, research and "obsess" (LOL) about narcissism and the abuse I suffered unhealthy and conuterintuitive to my healing?"...but the fact of the matter is, the more I read and absorb, the HEALTHIER I feel and the better equipped I am to educate other people being abused blindly, and the happier my days are knowing there was NEVER anything wrong with me. Look at that run-on sentence!! Good thing YOU'RE the writer.
Thank you again, My Lady for the work you are doing to help those of us affected by narcissistic abuse.
I would like your opinion on something. Maybe you won't be able to help but you're real cool, so I'll try: what do you supposed happens/WILL happen to a COLLECTIVE of narcissistic personalities, all suffering from the full-fledged disorder who come together pretending they are normies? CAN the collective survive with all those Hitlers about? DOES the narcissist(s) (full blown, alcoholic, completely out-of-it) continue(s) to deteriorate as time goes on? My question is, what do you suppose might happen to an entire GROUP of these non-humans who are established on the arts scene but are really just psychopaths trying to make a fast buck? Do they ALWAYS win, Kathi? Sorry about "clinging to you like a life raft", I do not mean to...but it really preoccupies alot of my brain as to whether or not they can ever be exposed for what they are, or does having that many headcases in an organization guarantee their failure eventually?
I feel like there's no place for genuine people with not only talent but gifts when these lunatics are running the asylum. Any opinion you may have would help. Thanks.


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