Thursday, August 24, 2006

How a narcissist fools the whole world

People are often skeptical about how a narcissist can fool the world with his angel-faced acting job. Yet this skepticism has selective memory. People fool the whole world all the time.

How often, for example, have people of a parish been shocked to learn that their beloved priest molests little boys? How often have the neighbors of a man been shocked to learn that this fine, upstanding, churchgoing citizen is a serial killer? Ratcheting things down a mile, wasn't everybody shocked to learn what President Clinton (who couldn't speak three consecutive sentences without getting the buzzword "family" in) was doing in the dark? Or President Kennedy? (Nixon was no surprise.)

So, the skepticism is unwarranted. Part of the reason the world is so easily fooled is because of its willingness to be fooled. But that's a big subject I won't get into. Another part of the reason is that people judge in conformity with the rest of the herd, and a herd judges by appearances.

Which can be deceiving. Here is an an example. I know little about this guy, so I have no idea whether he's a narcissist, but he sure fooled the world exactly the way a narcisist does.

Gunter Grass is Germany's greatest living author. A Nobel laureate. A champion of the European Left, which makes him far left by American standards -- a socialist and proud of it, a thinly veiled apologist for the Soviet Union who regards the United States as practically a fascist state as presidents Reagan and Bush II as little better than Hitler. You know -- that far left. Which doesn't put him out of the mainstream in Germany. In fact, it makes him standard intellectual fare.

Typical of the Left, he has always been outspoken on the moral attack, publishing open letters in which he points the accusing finger at those tainted by connection to the Right, especially of course, former Nazis. His life has been a crusade against them, publically demanding that they publically confess and never forget their sins under the Third Reich.

For decades, the German people have considered him a moral arbiter and have called him "the conscience of Germany."

Now every action in his behavior was like a chisel stroke in sculpting an image of himself. What does that image make him look like? Disregard any negative feelings you have toward socialists, because in HIS world socialists are the good guys.

Now for the truth of what's behind that mask he's worn for more than 60 years. It isn't just different: it's the antithesis of his image in every detail. In other words, it's no accident that he was so fond of pointing the accusing finger at others for any association they had with the Nazis.

The Truth: (Long but fascinating.)
An open letter to Gunter Grass Part 1
An open letter to Gunter Grass Part 2 (A Nation Betrayed)

Astonishing, isn't it? He got away with it for 60 years! He should NEVER have fooled anyone! That damned finger-pointing is a sign. In fact, it's the original Hebrew meaning of the word "satan." People who go around doing that are NOT good. Duh! when will people notice that condemning others is NOT an act of goodwill.

All narcissists do the same thing, and they all get away with it.

They gob the make-up on thickest over their zits. Are they a child abuser? Then they carve out an image of themselves as exceptionaly concerned about the wellfare of children. They act extremly upset whenever they hear about any harm coming to a child. They are quick to accuse others of mistreating children and falsely accuse others of child abuse.

And it works like a charm on the world, because (a) people judge by politically correct appearances and (b) people love to believe their juicy false accusations and condemnations of whomever the narcissist is projecting on.

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