Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Case Study of NPD

Did a little surfing today and found it for you all.

Started here at NPD Family. In the third post, the one titled "Wikipeda Link, nothing else new," I surfed the link to here at blog named A Modest Construct.

The post there reminded me of here here (pun intended).

The attack on Wikipedia this blogger refers to is published here. A response from the accused in defense against these accusations is published here.

Most interesting is the third of the 7 responses to the post at A Modest Construct. It offers two links with the simple statement that they should "explain the it all." And they do. First this one.

He's the author of a "textbook" on NPD? A "TEXTBOOK"? Yikes.

Notice how nice everybody is at the top, and notice how the narcissist flatters these people. Then, all of a sudden SOCKPUPPETRY CASE. Then SOCKPUPPETRY CASE 2. Then SOCKPUPPETRY CASE 3. And even SOCKPUPPETRY CASE 4!

Typical narcissist. He says, "Oh, you didn't like me doing that? so I'll do it again."

Then the second link "explaining it all."

So we see why the narcissist IMMEDIATEY lashed out to destroy the reputation of Wikipedia in a published article on the Web.

Ah, Web wars.

Notice what an uproar a narcissist caused among this group of friendly and eminently fair and rational people at Wikipedia. In the end they are furious and fit to be tied, losing their objectivity.

I hope they know what hit them.

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