Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another Take on NPD

Here's an excellent post on Narcissistic Personality Disorder at Portfolio Living by Liam Scanlon.

It was a long time ago.

About two months into having my new boss, it started. At first, I thought, oops, he just got really upset about this little issue ... I didn't understand exactly why he lost his temper so unexpectedly, but heck, everyone has their bad days.

Sound familiar? But then immediately Boss acted like it didn't happen, of course. The patented warning sign of a pathological personality. (Because that shows that his blow-ups are a tactic, not an accident, even if it is so habitual that he is no more consciously aware of using his pumped-up phony rage to control you than a brat is while doing the same thing in throwing a temper tantrum.)

Narcissist Personality Disorder does not leave such concrete evidence around like empty bottles, mysterious car dents, drunk-driving charges or visibly injured spouses. No, it feeds on the less concrete aspects of our lives. Damage is visited upon the people around NPD sufferers, and the behavior of the NPD sufferer is explained away using countless plausible rationalizations.

To help my own understanding, I have come up with a metaphor for the disorder and the person who is afflicted by it. The metaphor is one of a puppeteer (the disorder itself) and a puppet (the person with the disorder).

Let's explore the puppet metaphor to help understand how Narcissistic Personality Disorder works.

Read the rest of this interesting post.

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