Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bullying in Schools

Let's say that a high school kid is getting bullied and picked on. A school should be a safe place. If it isn't, you have a good case for suing that school as denying him his civil rights.

He should be able to protect himself by reporting the abuse. But what usually happens? The counsellor "has a talk" with the bully.

The next day the bully humiliates and abuses the victim even worse, in front of his classmates, to punish him for reporting the abuse.

So much for that attempt to protect himself. The victim's parents won't do anything about it. The bully's parents blow it off saying that everyone gets picked on in school and blah, blah, blah.

What's the kid going to do? Everyone tells him that he should be above reacting to the abuse in any way. In other words, he's supposed to make it go away by acting like it ain't happening.

This just dumps another load of shit on him, because now he feels that that there is something wrong with him for feeling the pain and anger instead of being a happy person who wouldn't be bothered.

You know what really gets to him? Having to go to that place to be abused every day, that's what. It would be one thing if he were waylaid by the bully. But having to go to the bully and present yourself for abuse every day makes the victim feel like a whore. Why? Because that's bending over for it.

Isn't she supposed to fight back? If she doesn't we say she liked it, don't we? And we don't say she was raped.

Same thing here. Forcing someone to bend over for abuse is rape. The victim will hate himself if he doesn't have a backbone and resist. (Then he is a suicide risk.)

Being forced to present himself for abuse outrages the victim's sense of shame. So, he skips class to assert his right to pursue happiness, not pain.

He gets punished for it.

But those who punished him are the ones who have sinned. Everyone has the right to protect/defend themselves. No one can be obliged to go to a place where they will abused. Yet we have many complete idiots in education who have never had that light dawn on them.

All other avenues of escape have been blocked. So this kid has the right to skip school. It is a human right that trumps all law.

And if you force him to come to school, then he has the right to punch the bully in the mouth. And if you punish him for it, you are the one doing something wrong.

But are these the only options that kid should have? To either skip school or punch the bully in the mouth? With all the truckloads of money we squander on education, we can't spend a few bucks to provide that kid with better options?

When he complains to that counselor, effective action should take place. And I mean kick the bully out. Let him see if he can talk some private school into accepting him. That will teach him a lesson he will not soon forget.

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At 10:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the saddest words I have ever heard is "bullycide" :'(

This is why I am in favour of homeschooling. It is not just because of bullying but also to ensure the child actually does get an education instead of being brainwashed with all the latest politically correct fads.

What annoys me is that I, as a (potential) parent have to justify myself to these bureaucrats and ask their permission over how I want to bring up my child. That is I am accountable to them, but they have no accountability to me. As if, as a parent I didn't have my child's own interests at heart!

Hey, I belif in publik educashun!


At 2:57 PM, Blogger Billy said...

Yes, Cassandra, I firmly believe that homeschooling should always be an option. It's sad that certain countries (like Germany) don't allow it.

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

Which reminds me that I was going to comment that the situation is much worse in Europe. See this article in the Brussels Journal.


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