Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Acting Like It Didn't Happen

In the comments, I mentioned the chapter "Acting Like It Didn't Happen," and someone asked where it was. When I checked, I found that it wasn't listed in the site contents. But on checking further, I found that it was online, not that anyone could find it ;-)

You'll find it now in the contents under the heading "The Narcissist's Strategy," right after "Forcing Submission to Abuse."

A narcissist I knew cut other narcissists no slack.

One day she told me that many of the girls at the school she taught in let themselves be abused as sexual objects. She said they'd found graffitti in the boy's bathroom that gave intructions. Step 1 and Step 2 are too gross for me to relate, but Step 3 was "Then act like it didn't happen."

These are teenage boys smart enough to pull that stunt.

She snorted at this, and for good reason, because that is HER abuse MO.

Nor does she cut other narcissists any benefit of doubt about whether they know what they are doing. She says, "You are the easisest person in the world for you lie to" and that the only thing that matters is whether the perpetrator "SHOULD know the truth."

Well, a narcissist like her should know, right?

Indeed, because lying to yourself is just a second wrong that doesn't make you innocent of the first one.

Not that she knows any of this stuff when SHE is the abusive narcissist in question. Then she has eyes but doesn't see, ears but doesn't hear, and a mind but doesn't understand. Then wild horses couldn't make her quit acting like it didn't happen.

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At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the omission from the site contents, you're forgiven but don't let it happen again! No, actually this provided me a good opportunity to re-read that important chapter.

Just FYI, I happen to have a downloaded copy of the contents file ( npd_site_content.htm) from Nov. 21, 2007 and the entry for "Acting Like It Didn't Happen" is there right where it should be. So it must have gotten deleted somehow between then and now. Odd, eh?

At 10:33 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

Not if you know the honker of a software system I use ;-)


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