Friday, March 14, 2008

Update on Codependence

A additional note on the previous post.

Do check out the links at the end. One thing they show is that codependence theory started out sensibly as the realization among the family members of alcoholics that their behavior "enabled" the alcoholic.

We all likewise see how our behavior enabled our abusers until we caught on.

The problem with this idea came with pseudoscience. You get a bunch of theorizers sitting in their ivory towers, speculating (hypothesizing) to come up with something new and different to say on the subject. Why? For attention, of course. Publication. Getting "known" as an "authority" on the subject.

Which places a premium on saying something attention-grabbing.

But they do no research. This so-called "scientific literature" is highly theoretical and speculative = basically just essays on the subject. Essays - not experiments and valid statistical data.

At best they refer to "clinical studies." (See what's wrong with that here. And the drug companies love clinical studies! You can get virtually any drug approved with them.) But mostly their idea of "scientific research" is to quote the mere speculative essays of others doing the same thing!

Where, pray tell, is the "scientific research" in that? Quoting the mere theorizing of others is supplying no valid EVIDENCE. That ain't scientific research, because it ain't scientific data. Unfortunately, most people don't realize this. They wrongly consider these sources reliable JUST BECAUSE THEY CONTAIN FOOTNOTES, even when those footnotes refer to no valid "evidence." Smoke and mirrors.

This burlesque plus the eternal desire to blame the victim have bastardized an originally sound idea and made a monster of it, as every new voice that comes along tries to stretch illogic to an even greater extreme than his or her predecessors did. Pop psychology at its greedy worst.

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At 3:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes it's turning things around.
Asif the people who show dependence are doing something abnormal.
Showing need of affirmation and love is weak and made a disorder this way. I read C.P.D. several times on the net allready.
It's blaming the victims and the world up side down.
A thought only a narcissist could come up with seriously I think.
This thinking totally discards the fact that narcissists and drugabusers tent to misuse and abuse the normal human need for love, attention and so on.
They do it for different reasons but THEY are the ones who misuse and abuse this normal need of others.
THEY are the ones who lie, manipulate, devaluate and so on.

And yes, if you are undergoing this kind of treatment and cann't or are not able to step out you can get sick yourself. Realy sick.
But it's obvious who caused it and who is to blame for it.
Not you offcourse but the abuser, misusers, liar and devaluater.



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