Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Teaching Children to Blame the Victim

Via Biased BBC's Coverage of the Children's BBC Newsround 911 Guide:

Why did they do it?

Could it be because they are hate filled mass murdering psychos? Could it be because they need The Great Scapegoat to blame for every problem they have and all their inadequacies and the fact that they don't make or do or build anything there and all their social problems and all their political problems and all their economic problems? Could it be because they are deranged fanatics who have nothing better to do than listen to hate-mongering sermons and like to think that God wants them to murder people by the thousand for just being the wrong kind? Could it be because they're bad?

No! We mustn't blame the poor little dears for what they do!!!

The victim is the one who is bad. The victim is the one to blame.

For, boys will be boys. They are not not responsible for what they do. No, the ones they do it to are responsible for whatever they do.

So, you mustn't be guilty of their rage!

Infallibility, bestowed by the BBC.

Just like Hitler. The Jews were to blame for what he did to them, you know. Just like all abusers. The bully beats up the littler kid because the little guy MADE him mad, right? The batterer beats his wife because she MADE him do it. Right? The rapist raped a child because she asked for it, right? The unfair advantage isn't always one of size. But in any case, the bully can strike without fear of getting hit back. And ALWAYS we're handed the same bullshit.

Childhood, bestowed on bullies of any age by the brain-dead bystanders.

Because it's only CHILDREN you know who are not repsonsible for their own conduct. Narcissists and other terrorists never have to grow up.

It is shameful for the BBC that this garbage was allowed to fester for nearly five years on the CBBC Newsround site, polluting and shaping the minds of young people who don't know any better.

No, not shameful, shameless.

Am I the only one who sees on a massive scale what happens to the victims of narcissists on an individual scale? I don't think so. It's always the same old story, an ancient story. Because the human race never learns.

UPDATE: Though it's beside the point, I should point out that OBL had said nothing about the Palestinians before 9/11. (He seemed to despise them.) He was mad that the US had stationed troops in Saudi Arabia, at the Saudis' request, to protect it from an angry Saddam Hussein's Iraq. The Biased BBC article also mentions the legs the BBC gave conspiracy theories, despite OBL's celebratory video rejoicing over the 9/11 attacks and admitting that he is responsible for them.

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