Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sabatoging Thought by Corrupting Language

One reason collective thinking gets so screwed up is because the language we think with is corrupted by constant abuse by the foghorns in our communication media. Note what they do to concepts in the meaningful words they bastardize. They bleach all the meaning out of them till these words are no longer action verbs with concrete meaning but just buzz denoting some fuzzy abstract sentiment that is totally generic and interchangeable and which anyone can lie about having or deny having.

Love. Hate. Forgiveness. Justice. Fairness. Just ask people what they think those words mean. First a fuzzy look as though the cloud is in your question instead of their heads and then a load of meaningless confusion beyond deplorable and all the way to the point of being ironic.

Hence you have the farce of someone professing not to hate a person they are in the very act of rejecting. The farce of claiming to forgive a person they are in the very act of trying to send to the gas chamber.

Faith no longer means honesty and sincerity (i.e., good faith), proven by fidelity to persons and to one's word. Today faith is nothing but a grocery list of far-out things you say you believe no matter what evidence to the contrary.

Love is but some vague sentiment you claim to feel for far away strangers, not something you DO to your NEIGHBOR.

Consequently, what happens to the concepts behind those words in all that fog? Fidelity, faithfulness has ceased to be a value. Betrayal is countenanced as though it were a virtue. And so is that thing called "tolerance" of (of all things) intolerance that persecutes any criticism of intolerance.

Certain brands of (politically correct) intolerance that is.

This is why, despite all the noise and lies on the Web, I think it is a good thing. Because of it, the arrogant gatekeepers in New York, Paris, and London can no longer manipulate us en masse like dumbed-down social insects just by controling and tweaking what we see and hear.

Though there is danger of their assault on free speech succeeding in Europe, it will be a cold day you-know-where before that happens in America. Besides, I think it is just hard to get a rise out of Europeans at this point in history, and for understandable reasons. But in the long run I have a hunch that they won't stand for Big Brother's plan, either.

In the middle of all the worldwide babble buzzing nothing more meaningful than magic memes to cast a spell on clouded minds, the voice of common sense and intellectual honesty speaks out at many points on the Web, loud and clear.

It's no contest, because sense and reason win hands-down every time. And they say that you alone own your head. You're the one who has to live in it, so you're the only one with the right to control what enters, leaves, and exists there.

It goes without saying that you will be better off if it isn't jam-packed with garbage. Especially when you have a serious problem to sort out and deal with, like living or working with a malignant narcissist. You need clear thinking. You need a firm grasp of the concepts involved. You need a strategy. You can't just let yourself be driven by what's blowing in the wind of 6 billion weathervane voices.

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At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kath,
I think that the corruption of words has extended to the word Narcissist. Many people seem to think that it can even have positive elements to the word - self confidence or success.
I suggest a new word for them -

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous ilish said...

Well...having had WORDS used as weapons on me really had me running to find out what they ment to me. Love faith truth reality...I have never split so many hairs in my life.

It was a very tedious job but one that forever seperated me from my N



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