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Someone asked me about these folks, whether they may be narcissists. My first reaction is to shrug my shoulders, because I don't know enough to feel confident about a judgement either way. And I respect the evidence that the press has low credibility. They take great liberties using fiction writing technique to "create" a "story" out of a news report.

But one thing is for sure: the bare facts thunder a total lack of empathy in these people. How they could so brutally do that to a 13-year-old girl is hard to imagine! The meanness in it gives you a chill.

Maybe they watch too much prime time TV. We see enough of it on there - it's called "entertainment."

Also, it is really strange for a parent to get involved in the relationship her teenage daughter has with some other girl.

Get a life, lady.

But lack of humanity alone isn't enough to go on. Normal people get this way too. As I explain in the book, normal people are quite capable of turning off their human sensibilities and behaving brutally. We saw a whole nation do that on Kristalnacht when the Holocaust started.

What makes predators different is that they are permanently in that mode, with the light of humanity switched off all the time for everyone. Even their own children.

In fact, narcissists do few things that normal people don't sometimes do. Projection is another example. Many people project 20 times a day. But there are strange and glaring differences between the way a normal person projects and the way the a narcissist projects.

So, you can't see lack of empathy or projection and know whether you have a narcissist. I think the most telling signs are those perverted behaviors that make you want to pinch yourself: such as when someone is angered by what should please, becomes angrier over what should appease, laughs at something that sickens normal people, and so on - those BACKWARDS reactions to things. Shockers that make you think you must have missed something and doubt your very eyes and ears. These are the most telling signs of a predator. Seeing a reaction like this but once is enough to warn you that something is wrong with that person and that you should therefore stay away.

Another thing this reminds me of is how people like this come creeping out from behind the woodwork on the Net. They hide behind a screen name and behave viciously, because no one will ever know who dunnit. Like a narcissist, they IDENTIFY with the false image they project in their screen name persona.

It is virtually impossible to have a civil dialog on public board, simply because these creeps view the forum as the ideal field in which to attack others without fear of getting what they deserve for it. Like any narcissist, they use irrationality as a debating tactic, insulting your intelligence with their blathering nothing-but-noise back at you. This state of affairs is an alarming indication of how many predators are out there.

A lot! They take over every public board, reducing the level of dialog to the absurd and making the others suck up to them to avoid getting "flamed." It's like a microcosm of society, in which the scum often rises to the top.

Cyperpaths who look angelic in any other setting, sit there and pound the keyboard like Beelzebub while they are online

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At 11:28 AM, Blogger sonicido said...

We all need to put our heads together and devise a list of "tests" that can be performed to help people identify these perpetrators. Then publish it.It may not be "fool proof" but it would be a start. Time is their tool, and they are patient. This works against the victim! It is TIME that THEY are slammed with tests that they can not pass.

When I was a new Christian, there was a test to find our "gifts" received from the Holy Spirit. I see now that all it did was reveal "gifts" that were there before belief, but it worked to bring them out.
We would line up. A dish was dropped in front of everyone (they did not know that it would be). How we reacted showed our "gifts".
I, exclaimed "OH NO! and ran to help." thus, I had the "gifts" of mercy & servant; another, exclaimed: "You could have prevented that if you..." thus, he had the "gift" of teaching...and so on.
Anyway, I think there must be tests that we can throw at the PSN's and quickly be on the road to discerning if we want a future with their reactions to our tests.

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous The Exposer said...

Read here how Fox TV attacked one blogger today, trying to call her a CYBERBULLY too for calling for Justice for Megan Meier. And for her calling for ACCOUNTABILITY for Lori Drew

At 10:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They do flourish on message boards. They seem to take over and live on there around the clock gaining more and more of their followers. They only have a couple of targets at a time whom they inflict their harm onto. Your right about the laughing. They seem to laugh when there isn't anything funny. They are always inventing many different persona's and made up identities. They do project, so that it becomes their targets who are the ones who fake identities. They spread false allegations about their targets, finally their victims reputation is ruined completely. That way their disguises remain in tact and they get away with what they do. They gain more and more power.

At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They do the exact same things online as they do offline. And I don't believe most outright trolls are the dangerous people online.

My N was online and he took great care to "appear" as the long suffering, hard done by, funny good person as much as possible. In this way he sucked people into his personal life and got gifts and "help" out of them. When the victims protested too loudly he claimed THEY were the liars and just out for "revenge" and said they were sick etc. any projection to make them seem crazy in their shock at the abuses lies, stealing and scams.

He usually got away with it too because he was so good at remaining calm, appearing pitiful and pleading his case with new victims.

He's still out there and still people believe him. There is no justice with an N online or off.

But online is a perfect environment for them but, watch out. If you think you can spot one face to face use those same red flags online. N's will over flatter, appear super charming, harmless, pitiful and very unrealistic online too. It's only once they get you in a private situation that the real N starts to show. Biggest red flag to watch for online is INCONSISTENCY in their "story" and what other people who have been really close to them say and INCONSISTENCY between what they are saying and little things that don't add up.

I wouldn't wait to clarify with this sort but, just ignore totally and move on.

N's love the internet. It's instant attention from people they can fool with their best made up persona. They end up talking consistently with people who in R/L might not give them a second glance. They adore it.

If the victim cried foul they can disappear and go elsewhere to wreck more havoc and if the victim persists they can pretty much say whatever they want wherever they want to smear you.

All the while claiming YOU are smearing THEM. N's don't know the difference between telling the truth for justice and accountability and smearing for no good reason except to cover your own butt for your brutal actions.

I can tell who they are now almost immediately. One thing they do alot online is use a TON of presumptive statements with a new target. A lot of well "We" this and "we" that when there actually isn't any "we" since "we" don't know each other and "we've" only talked online about five times....that's enough for an N to imply a much deeper connection. When you see someone doing this, no matter HOW "nice" they fact if they seem overly "nice" RUN!!!

I don't make close "friends" online because of what I see happening on there with it being such a playground for N's and P's. Talk about no accountability! It's perfect for them!


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