Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Narcissistic Grandiosity

The label of "narcissist" often gets thrown around out of envy. So, it's important to clarify what grandiosity is.

I borrow the excellent example Joanna Ashumun uses: Back in his younger days (when his name was Cassius Clay), Muhammed Ali said, "I am the greatest. I am the prettiest." That wasn't grandiosity, because he was the greatest and the prettiest. By far.

But if Sonny Liston or any other boxer had said those things, it would have been grandiosity.

(Note, Mohamed Ali was obviously and hilariously spoofing grandiosity with that act.)

Therefore, if someone says, "I am the boss and you will do as I say," and he IS the boss, that isn't grandiosity.

Grandiosity is a lie and nine times out of ten an ironic one.

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