Friday, December 14, 2007

The Fallacious Assumption that Children Are Mindless

A new comment on an old post: The Fallacious Assumption that Children Are Mindless.

The comment adds to examples of budding narcissists in children. The post shows how the narcissist's behavior is practiced since early childhood and can shock you with the wickedness you detect in that child when you catch Angelface in the act.

For all our show of concern and liking for children, the average adult really looks condescendingly down on them. They are viewed as stupid, not just inexperienced, as though they don't think, as though they aren't smart enough to be diabolical. Wrong.

Remember that three-year-olds invent the Temper Tantrum and expertly manipulate adults every day of the week with temper tantrums. Not so dumb, after all, are they?

But what usually happens when a child is caught doing something wicked or diabolical? People blow it off. They even blow off the torture of animals or bullying at school with the line, "He/she is just a kid."

Which is why he/she gets big without growing up and becomes a monster.

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